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Authoritative Selling is the fastest and easiest way to grow your print sales because unlike previous sales models, that offer printing solutions, the authoritative selling approach offers business solutions. For example, a marketing manager that uses direct mail to generate leads and sales is not interested in working with a printer, he wants to deal with an industry expert who can make suggestions and share ideas that will increase his direct mail response. Authoritative Selling allows you to be that expert.

What results can I expect?
Authoritative selling will result in a dramatic and instant increase in sales. Selling will become easier then ever before and price competition will become a thing of the past because positioning yourself as a direct mail expert creates a paradigm shift. Instead of being viewed as an adversary, who's trying to sell printing, you'll be perceived as a business partner who can provide valuable solutions.

How long will it take me to become a direct mail expert?
You'll get amazing results the very first day because this, easy-to-use program includes everything you need to capture a lion's share of the 60 billion dollar direct mail market. Here's just a sample of what you'll learn.

Become a Direct Mail Expert
You'll discover over 100 sure-fire ways to increase direct mail response. In fact, by the time you finish listening to this program you'll know more about direct mail then 90% of the marketing managers you'll be dealing with. Here are just a few examples of how easy it is to increase direct mail response.

  • If the job you're quoting is a rerun, ask if it's being mailed to the same recipients. If so, sending it in a different envelope will increase response.
  • Postage is usually the largest cost of the direct mail campaign yet more often then not your client's mailer is underweight. So show your client how to increase ad space by adding additional pages or increasing the size of the mailer without incurring additional mailing cost.
  • Is your client's reply card printed on a white stock? Colored or tinted cards get a better response.
  • Take a look at the back of your client's sales letter, is it blank? If so show your client how to save money and increase ad space by printing on the back since printing on both sides of a sales letter will not adversely affect response.
  • Does your client's mailer include a lift letter? These powerful letters have been known to increase response by 10% or more.
  • Did the client purchase a mailing list? If so the list was most likely created by combining several SIC codes, where each code represents a specific industry. The client could dramatically increase response by customizing the mailer to address the specific interests of each industry group.

The How to Sell Direct Mail Successfully 
You'll find everything you need to land the appointment, make a powerful presentation, handle objections and close the sale; and there's nothing to learn. Simply use the field-tested telemarketing and presentation scripts and you'll notice a dramatic increase in sales. Here's just a short list of some of the ready-to-use scripts that you find in this program.

  • A short script that will instantly identity the decision maker.
  • Reponses that overcome screening questions.
  • A powerful script that will pique the prospect's interest and generate as many appointments that you can handle.
  • A sure-fire script that's guaranteed to makes the first meeting a resounding success.
  • Over 60 probing questions that reveal hidden sales opportunities.
  • A powerful presentation script that makes closing easy.
  • Time-tested responses that overcome all objections.

Plus, you'll learn

How to pique that prospect's interest and avoid brush downs.
What marketing managers and owns are really looking for.
Why you must stay away from purchasing agents and print buyers.
How to get past a receptionist that is screening calls.
Why your brochures are costing you sales.
Why offering to quote a job is a costly mistake.
Why you must be the last to submit a quote.
How to close the sale without asking the prospect to buy.

Time: 86 minutes

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